Top 5 Seafood Restaurants In Ibiza

Ibiza is a certified paradise for holidaymakers, not only thanks to it’s great weather, stunning beaches and the best parties in the world but now it’s vibrant culinary scene. The island is the perfect source for succulent seafood from it’s surrounding Mediterranean sea. Find our guide to the 5 best seafood restaurants on the island and taste the real Ibiza whilst on holiday.

1. Can Pujol

Can Pujol is a traditional seafood restaurant serving authentic local cuisine since 1980. Located directly by the seaside at the top end of the San Antonio Bay, they offer their guests spectacular views of the iconic sunset as they eat. Can Pujol is widely considered the best seafood restaurant on the island, and we agree. It has a simple decor with an open kitchen, as their focus is solely on the food, you can even watch the chefs in action. For many years the owners have been following one prominent rule, they won’t open the restaurant unless they are satisfied with the quality of seafood that’s delivered. Their specialities include Bullit de Peix (a typical Ibicenco dish), salted sea cucumbers, fresh local prawns, and lobster cooked in whiskey (interesting and unique). Thanks to it’s fantastic reputation, the restaurant remains popular all year round and we highly recommend you book a table a few days in advance.

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2. Can Jaume

Can Jaume is a beautiful beachside restaurant located in Cala Vadella, in a small cove on the west side of the island. The place serves an authentic mediterranean styled cuisine, only using fresh products sourced directly from the island and it’s surrounding waters. The Can Jaume menu offers an extensive variety of fresh seafood dishes, including grilled fish, Paella and their traditional Guisat de Peix. The restaurant holds an extensive wine list with a mix of local wine options to compliment every single dish alongside an excellent dessert menu. It’s spectacular location and flavour fuelled menu makes it a perfect destination for joining friends or a family dinner.

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3. Es Boldado

Located on the cliffside overlooking the mystical Es Vedra, Es Bolado is the perfect place to enjoy the most breathtaking of sunsets, whilst enjoying an intimate dinner. Over the past 12 years of trade, the restaurant has been serving their favourite mediterranean dishes cooked with locally sourced island ingredients. The menu offers a wide variety of fish and seafood options, and all are prepared fresh to order, including Cantabrian anchovies and grilled octopus. For those having trouble to decide, there is also a daily specialities board with the chef’s top picks of seasonal dishes that never disappoints.

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4. Es Torrent

This unique restaurant is located on a small secluded beach at Porroig near Es Cubells. Founded in 1984, this used to be a market stall and  only 10 years ago was transformed into the prestigious eatery. Es Torrent is serving fresh seafood with a ‘zero-kilometer’ policy, meaning all ingredients are sourced from the immediate locale of Ibiza’s, so island only produce is available. The menu consists of a myriad of authentic local dishes and contemporary plates to enthuse every palette. It’s quiet little location and cosy terrace overlook the sea, making it a perfect destination for a romantic dinner. They also offer a boat pick-up for their guests who are also anchored nearby the restaurant.

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5. Amante Beach Club Restaurant

Amante is a fine-dining restaurant abundant with character, and located on the picturesque cliffside that overlooks Sol d’en Serra bay, just near Cala Llonga. The eatery offers a modern styled mediterranean menu with both Spanish and Italian themed dishes that are prepared with hand picked, locally sourced ingredients. The quiet rural location is perfect for a relaxing lunch setting and also the ideal dinner underneath the stars. Amante also offers a Yoga & Breakfast session in the morning, wiht unique events including an outdoor cinema with wine and popcorn in the evenings, projected onto the mountain face.

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Regardless if you’re local, a seasonal visitor or a long term resident of Ibiza, you will always enjoy the high calibre cuisine from any of the above dining establishments. We love to discover new destinations and actively add them to our list. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us and we also welcome you to share our insider tips with friends.

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