What to do in Ibiza in the Winter?

Ibiza is an island of two seasons, vibrant and full of life in Summer, changing to a tranquil, bohemian vibe when Winter comes. We believe it’s possible to enjoy the island 365 days a year and being residents of Ibiza all year round we would love to share our tips on what to do when the island gets quiet.

Walking And Cycling Tours

Every week you are able to find walking groups and cycling tours allowing you to discover Ibiza off the beaten paths, its hidden coves and unique landmarks you never knew existed. Why not take part in a hiking adventure and get out of your comfort zone? Winter in Ibiza is the time for exploration and new experiences, so take every chance to do so.


Mini Road Trip

In the winter, rental prices go down to pennies so take advantage of renting a car to discover the island. Pick a road you’ve never driven before and see where it takes you, stop for a coffee in a village you never knew existed or pick a point on the coast and go explore it. With so many places to discover on the island every weekend can be different from the one before.


Restaurant Connoisseur

Although many restaurants on the island are close during the winter, there are still quite a few that stay open all year. With no tourists on the island you can benefit from no waiting time and better service. Make a culinary map and have lunch in a different restaurant every week. ‘Menu del Dia’, a fixed-price set menu is the most economical way to eat out in Ibiza with 3 course meal for less than 15 euros.


Winter Events

The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of parties on the White Isle. With traditional Spanish fiestas, you can learn more about the island culture and become more connected with locals. Some of the clubs like Pacha, Eden and B12 stay open during the winter so take this chance to party in a unique ‘family’ atmosphere with fellow island residents. There are also Hippie Markets and Flea Markets happening on a weekly basis. Check out this Calendar to find out about winter events on Ibiza.


These are just a few suggestions on how to spend winter days in Ibiza. We would love to hear about your adventures on this magical island so please get in touch to share your experiences with us.

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